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NEWS: City student takes the initiative to promote sustainability in water usage

Posted on 18.02.16


In a climate that’s hot year-round, we’ll often grab a bottle of water without worrying about anything beyond quenching our thirst.

But one green-thinking teen is trying to change all that and get people thinking about the consequences of bottled water.

Julia Grifferty, an 18-year-old student at the American Community School, distributed reusable flasks to construction workers at her school in a bid to get them to ditch the plastic.

“I identified bottled water as a huge cause of carbon emissions,” explained Julia.

“We have three million labour workers in this country, and from research I know that they’re going to buy two bottles of water a day,” she added.

“These labourers may not be the ones using the most energy, but if you change this habit then the effects are going to reverberate.”


No stranger to sustainability, Julia set up her first green campaign ‘Boot the Bottle’ aged just 14, after being inspired to reduce waste in school.

“My first thought was that schools are a huge consumer of bottled water, so I wanted to make a change.”

After successfully getting her fellow students to swap their plastic for reusable containers, Julia is keen to spread the message to the wider community.

“My hope is to sow the seeds so that other schools and companies can provide for their labour force,” she explained.

“The UAE and other GCC countries are a model for the rest of the world because they started from scratch,” reflected Julia. “We’re a place where innovation can occur and we can show how modern society can be.”


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Water bottles sponsored by Cure  

Water bottles sponsored by Cure